Faculty of Philosophy – University of Belgrade, founded in 1838, is the oldest and most prominent institution of higher education in Serbia and among the oldest in the South-Eastern Europe. It is well known for its excellence within the fields of humanities and social sciences. That is why it attracts many international students who wish to spend semester or whole academic year at the Faculty of Philosophy where they have unique opportunity to learn more about the subjects that are not taught at other universities worldwide.

Many summer and winter schools are organized every year, with yearly workshops about Jewish art and tradition ( and American culture and society week (

Our students take part in many student exchange programmes such as Erasmus+ and CEEPUS, as well as CircleU summer schools. Also, many of our students receive scholarships (such as SYLFF, DAAD, etc) for further education.

Parent institutionUniversity of Belgrade
Institution typeFaculty
RegionBelgrade District
Established in1838

Last accreditation in 2021 by the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Serbia - NEAQA.
Previous accreditation cycles: 2015, 2009.

Contact for foreign students
Bojana Bursac Dzalto


ProgrammeTypeEducation levelDurationLanguages
ANDRAGOGYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
ARCHAEOLOGYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
CLASSICAL SCIENCEAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
ETHNOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
HISTORYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
HISTORY OF ARTAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
PEDAGOGYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
PHILOSOPHYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
PSYCHOLOGY (4 MODULES)AcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
SOCIOLOGYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
ANDRAGOGYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
ARCHAEOLOGYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
CLASSICAL SCIENCEAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
ETHNOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
HISTORYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
HISTORY OF ARTAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
HISTORY - SOCIETY, STATE, TRANSITIONAcademicMasterup to 1 yearEnglish and Serbian
PEDAGOGYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
PHILOSOPHYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
PSYCHOLOGY (4 MODULES)AcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
SOCIOLOGYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
TEACHER EDUCATIONAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
ANDRAGOGYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
ARCHAEOLOGYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
CLASSICAL SCIENCEAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
ETHNOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
HISTORYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
HISTORY OF ARTAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
PEDAGOGYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
PHILOSOPHYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
PSYCHOLOGYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
SOCIOLOGYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian

Source of info:

National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Serbia - NEAQA

University of Belgrade

Faculty of Philosophy

Filozofski fakultet
Чика Љубина 18-20
11000 Beograd
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