Final exam

At the end of the 8th grade, pupils are required to take the final exam (Završni ispit or Mala matura) in order to complete primary school.

The final exam assesses competencies acquired at primary school and comprises three tests:

  • native language,
  • mathematics and
  • a combined test (combines natural and social sciences).

Final exam results are, along with the pupil’s GPA, required for secondary school enrolment, according to the Law on Secondary Education.

Another aim of the final exam is to assess the quality of schools’ and teachers’ work, as well as the current status and progress of the education system. Each school receives a report about the final exam results, which may be used for an analysis of correspondence between these results and pupils’ grades, comparison with other schools, and external evaluation.

Admission exams

Pupils wishing to enroll in special general secondary schools (e.g. mathematical or philological grammar schools) or art schools (e.g. music or ballet schools) are required to take a school-specific additional test of relevant knowledge and competences.