The International University of Novi Pazar was established on the ground of the centurial encounter and a mix of various peoples and cultures. 

he activities of the University are:

* high education
* activity of other higher education institutions
* higher education (higher vocational education)
* education of adults and other education mentioned elsewhere (life-long education)
* research and development
* publishing books, brochures and other publications
* publishing magazines and similar periodicals
* printing
* providing advice on computer equipment
* providing advice and creating computer programs
* data processing
* database creation
* other computer related activities
* other legal affairs
* market research and public opinion polls
* engineering
* consulting and management jobs
* retail sale of books, newspapers and stationery
* other retail stores in specialized stores
* dormitories for pupils and students
* children’s and youth resorts
* canteen
* activity of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities
* showing films
* radio and TV activity
* sports activities


Institution typeUniversity
RegionRaška District
Established in2002

Last accreditation in 2024 by the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Serbia - NEAQA.


ProgrammeTypeEducation levelDurationLanguages
BUSINESS ECONOMICSAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
BUSINESS INFORMATICSAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATUREAcademicBachelor4 yearsEnglish and Serbian
FASHION DESIGNAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
GERMAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATUREAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian and German
GRAPHIC DESIGNAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
INFORMATICSAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
LAWAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
PAINTINGAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
PRESCHOOL TEACHERAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
PSYCHOLOGYAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
BUSINESS ECONOMICSAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
INFORMATICSAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
LAWAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
PAINTINGAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
PRESCHOOL TEACHERAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
PSYCHOLOGYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
BUSINESS ECONOMICSAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
INFORMATICSAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
PAINTINGAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian

Source of info:

Institution's website

National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Serbia - NEAQA

International University of Novi Pazar

Internacionalni univerzitet u Novom Pazaru
Димитрија Туцовића бб
36300 Нови Пазар Novi Pazar
+381 20 316 634
+381 20 316 634