Welcome to Education – a database of learning opportunities

The aim of this database of learning opportunities is to objectively inform you about the educational system in the Republic of Serbia. It is a place where you can easily search for and obtain all the relevant information about education, especially the information needed for making career decisions.

For future freshmen and students

Find and compare all the accredited institutions and programmes, with direct links to their websites where you can find additional information and check the enrollment procedure. Find the scholarships you can apply for, whether for studying in Serbia or for student exchange/degree studies abroad. Get to know the location of dorms and other useful resources for students.

Choosing a high school?

If you are about to decide which high school to choose, use this database to easily search every high school in Serbia and its field of study. In addition, you can also find out the language in which the programmes are taught and the dorms available for you.   

Searchable database with objective information

A certain number of search criteria is available, so it takes only a few clicks to find out what you have been looking for. You can easily find the right programme with the predefined criteria like field of study, type, location and language. It is very important to mention that all the information available in this database are reliable because of their official source and there is no possibility for paid commercials and promoting. The data is ordinarily updated according to those offered by the Comission of Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Serbia. That means that the database provides data only on accredited institutions and programmes. 

The content of this database is constantly being updated with recent information and upgraded, meaning that you can expect new features soon, along with some webinars that will provide direct answers to your doubts and questions.